How to manage the interdependencies of multiple squads

Moving Agile Up to Enterprise Scale

One of the biggest challenges for an IT leader in a company of any size is managing the interdependencies of multiple agile squads that are required to deliver a component of an End-to-End business capability.

Gone are the days where we marveled at a small squad of 6 people who used Agile methods to deploy a website that contained only static web content or at best had read-only syndication from multiple data sources but collected no data from visitors, processed no transactions and was integrated with no systems of record across the company’s enterprise…

Solve the Everyone’s Request is a Top Priority Dilemma

Everyone Thinks Their Top Priority Should Be Your Top Priority

One of the biggest challenges for IT leaders in a company of any size is balancing all the competing priorities from a matrix of stakeholders. The larger and more global the company, the more complex and multi-dimensional the matrix of stakeholders become. …

The art of making someone feel they have truly been heard

How My Mother’s Words Guide Me Even Today

The title of this blog is something my Mother would say to me when I had followed her instructions to the letter and yet didn’t do what she really wanted because she had misspoken in the heat of the moment. I think all of us can imagine the scene. A busy mom juggling many tasks and parenting multiple kids says to one of them “Go do task X” when she really meant “Task Y”. The child returns after completing “Task X” and she tells them that’s not what I wanted, but the…

Good data can dissolve high pressure situations

Our High-Pressure World

In today’s “always-on”, “what have you done for me lately”, “do more with less” world that we all live in, constant stress is a given. We all feel the pressure to continuously deliver outstanding results so we don’t end up on the next layoff list, and that was the case even before the new world of COVID lockdowns which put roughly 35 million people in the US unemployment lines.

With everyone feeling that level of pressure, our interactions can become highly emotional experiences despite everyone’s best efforts to remain calm. None of us are fully immune. …

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

The SaaS Revolution

The wide availability of pay-as-you-grow SaaS applications have revolutionized the way IT is delivered and has lowered the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs all over the world, and that is a great thing! Gone are the days of setting up your own data center, purchasing expensive servers to host your company’s applications and then hiring a large IT Infrastructure team to support it.

In today’s word you can provision a SaaS application for your company in minutes and at extremely low or no cost to start with. As your company grows the solution grows with you. …

Brian Mackey

Enterprise & Digital Data Transformation Leader delivering enterprise applications & big data analytic solutions.

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